The Training Programme

As a partnership we are currently developing the training curriculum for the Physical and Cultural Activities for Life Skill Development (PAClife) project (2019-2-UK01-KA205-062366). This curriculum includes training on Positive Youth Development (PYD) and the delivery of activities to encourage build resilience in this area and is underpinned by the 5s of PYD.

The PAClife guide is divided into two sections:

Part 1. Understanding Positive Youth Development and the 5Cs: 5C activities

Part 2. PAClife activities

The full training programme and associated resources are now available in English.

  • This guide is also available in the following languages…
  • Download a copy in each language here:


Here you can view a video presentation of the Positive Youth Development methodology and the 5Cs concept which underpins the PAClife training curriculum…

PYD and the 5s – how this can be used to develop resilience in young people